What do you do when you’re over the bar scene, when singles events are reunions of guys you’ve already dated, and online matchmaking turns up only a parade of losers and liars? If you're author and comedian Amy Borkowsky,you shift your love search into high gear and decide to run your own commercial to advertise for Mr. Right -- during the Super Bowl.


Borkowsky, best known for “Amy’s Answering Machine” comedy CDs which include actual messages from her mother urging Amy to find a husband, says, “Dating is basically a numbers game, and I figured getting myself in front of a captive audience of sixty million men would increase my odds of meeting Mr. Right.” Optimistic about her chances of creating what may well be the world’s largest personal ad, she says, “There’s really only one thing I don’t have in order to pull this off: Three million dollars.”

The Super Bowl contender -- a 5-foot 6-inch, 110 lb.brunette -- says she hopes that along with online gifts via PayPal, a corporate sponsor will come forward to help her reach her goal of raising enough money to purchase her thirty second commercial. She is also considering such traditional fundraising efforts as a walkathon (“Maybe I’ll walk from my apartment to Kleinfeld’s Bridal Shop,” she suggests) and possibly a bake sale, though she admits, “To make a dent in what I need, we may be looking at a five-thousand dollar cupcake.” If Amy does not reach her $3 million goal and is unable to purchase a Super Bowl spot, all money gifted will be donated to the United Way.

Threatened by the possible early sell out of Super Bowl commercial slots -- the Wall Street Journal recently reported that ads sales this year are moving faster than ever before, with only a handful of spots remaining -- Borkowsky feels the pressure of the clock ticking. However, with today’s challenging economy, she emphasizes, “A referral to a sponsor, good wishes or just passing along a link to this site is a valuable contribution, too.”

The never-married Manhattanite, a former advertising copywriter, has some thoughts about how she'd turn standard advertising techniques into a hard hitting appeal for a husband. “I’m thinking I could have testimonials from old boyfriends, side-by-side comparisons with other women who are on the market, or maybe a jingle,” she suggests.

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$6,340 $2,993,660

AMY HAS DONATED ALL FUNDS TO THE UNITED WAY charity, and fundraising is now over (but if you're a corporate sponsor who can help Amy advertise for a great guy on the next Super Bowl, do let us know.) Follow Amy's latest adventures at Amyland.com, on Facebook or be one of her first Twitter followers: @AmyBorkowsky.

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If you can't make a monetary gift, referring your friends and potential corporate sponsors to this site would be just as appreciated!