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Amy was born single in New York City and has pretty much remained that way, much to the dismay of her mother who once left her daughter a string of phone messages begging her to submit photos to millionaire bachelors from a talk show, eventually mailing in Amy’s naked baby photos herself. Amy shares these and other actual messages she’s saved through the years on two volumes of “Amy’s Answering Machine: Messages from Mom” comedy CDs, which have become hits thanks to media exposure including appearances on “Today,” National Public Radio, and in People. Feeling the emotional and comedic void since losing her mom a few years back, Amy says, “My ideal man would have a big brain, a good heart and a really annoying mother.”

Amy would like her Mr. Right to have a creative side, too, though he doesn’t have to be a writer or an artist; “I wouldn’t rule out a creative accountant,” she says, “unless his creativity resulted in federal charges.” Though she tries to get on the treadmill a few times a week, the fit Manhattanite says she’s definitely no athlete and wouldn’t be a match for anyone who expects his partner to join him in adventure sports like scuba diving or bungee jumping. “One of the sexiest things a guy could wear is a tight-fitting seat belt,” says the risk-averse woman who claims her list of favorite movies includes the airline safety video.

Borkowsky, who appears younger than her stated age of "somewhere between Carrie and Samantha," also happens to be a Mensa member and a former "Price Is Right" contestant who won an artificial fireplace with a suggested retail value of $522. She once performed as “Amy the Amazing Toothbrushing Hula Hooper,” skillfully combining hula hooping with dental hygiene, though she admits she’s not quite sure how this talent would make her any more desirable as a wife.

So why isn’t this tallish, slender, quirky brunette married?
Like a lot of ambitious women, Borkowsky says she spent her early single years focused on her career, first as an advertising writer, eventually transitioning to performing comedy and penning humor books. (She has appeared at major comedy clubs, in the Montreal Festival, and is a popular speaker on the event and fundraiser circuit.) Once she began to look more seriously for Mr. Right, she found new challenges. “Internet dating has created a warehouse mentality,” she observes in earnest, “and if there’s one little thing not right about someone, everyone’s so quick to just go back to the stockroom and pull out another item, so nobody ever really commits.”

After serving as a bridesmaid for various friends and her cousin Marlene, Borkowsky is open about the fact that she did have a handsome doctor ask her to walk down the aisle back in 2007. “For once I wasn’t a bridesmaid,” she reveals. “I was a groomswoman.”

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Amy’s comedy act features actual phone messages from her overprotective mother who wanted nothing more than to see her "Amila" get married.