Help Amy Turn Her Love Life Around in 30 Seconds.

To help Amy reach her goal of buying thirty seconds of commercial time on the Super Bowl, choose the level of giving that best fits your budget. IF AMY DOES NOT COLLECT ENOUGH TO PURCHASE HER SPOT, ALL MONEY GIFTED WILL BE DONATED TO THE UNITED WAY. (Gift amounts will be added to scoreboard total at next update, within 24 hours.)

$10 Nickel Level
$25 Bronze Level (Suggested)
$100 Silver Level
$1,000 Gold Level
Receive a wedding portrait autographed by Amy and her groom.*
$5,000 Platinum Level
Receive an invitation to a private screening of Amy's wedding video.*
$10,000 Palladium Level
Receive an invitation to Amy's wedding.*

Copper Level
Mail in one single penny; if every one of the approximately 300 million Americans did that, Amy would have exactly enough to reach her Super Bowl goal. Send to:

Amy Borkowsky
P.O. Box 1894
Murray Hill Station
New York, NY 10156 (Provide email for thank you.)

Scrap Metal Level
Be a proud supporter at the Scrap Metal Level just by spreading the word about or sending a link to everyone you know. Not everyone's in a position to part with cash these days, and your good wishes alone go a long way in helping Amy work toward her Super Bowl goal.

To become a corporate sponsor, email for more information.

* Wedding portraits and invitations will be sent only if Amy meets her future husband through her Super Bowl commercial and marries him within three years.  

** TAX NOTE: IRS will classify this as a gift, rather than a charitable donation.